Committed to your success

The Ecomm2 business model is based on shared success, which means we are fully vested in helping you grow and ensuring you succeed. If you’re not successful, neither are we. Everything we do as an organisation, including the prioritisation of our investments, is designed to help you engage your customers and grow revenue across channels. And our eCommerce marketing and optimisation teams provide the digital process management support you need to succeed online.

Powerful platform

The Ecomm2 platform powered by Intershop is a highly scalable solution that minimises the complexities and costs of running eCommerce operations and enables seamless, high-impact consumer engagement across all devices, channels and geographies. Built on a scalable and secure architecture, the platform provides all the tools and functionalities you need to succeed in the world of digital commerce.

Multi brand, multi site

No matter how many brands or sites you have or plan to have, Ecomm2 can serve as the common infrastructure across all of them. By ensuring consistent integrations and business processes, you roll out new sites as frequently as needed, leverage all existing work without starting from scratch each time and syndicate content across brands, sites, categories, online catalogs and consumer experiences for maximum impact.

Our team of experts

When you choose Ecomm2, you can look forward to expert support at every stage of our partnership from initial concept through to roll-out, daily operations and future development of your digital business. Our business model is aligned to your success so we provide you with a team of expert resources to drive your online business and ensure long term sustainable success.