Fast track your e-commerce implementation with our ready-to-use E-Commerce Solution, launch quickly and start transacting from day one.

Consistent, personalised shopping experiences surprise and delight consumers. They strengthen loyalty and drive sales. Partnering with Intershop, Ecomm2 will provide you with a complete, omni-channel commerce solution that lets you deliver an exceptional customer experience that will accelerate the growth of your brand and sales online.

Platform highlights

The platform we use to drive your online channel is more than just an e-commerce system. We use Intershop, one of the world’s most powerful commerce platforms for genuine multi-channel selling. The ECOMM2 platform powered by Intershop offers an all-in-one package comprising Product Information Management (PIM), Web Content Management (WCM), and personalised customer communications.

Product Information Management

Integrate, centrally manage, and flexibly distribute product information across all touchpoints.

Search & Navigation

Provide comprehensive and configurable search and navigation functions for a user friendly shopping experience.

Marketing & Merchandising

Create personalised promotions and campaigns quickly and easily with our powerful promotions engine.

Product Recommendations

Guide your customers and increase revenue with personalised real-time product recommendations.

Fast Checkout

Enjoy higher conversion and revenue with our best practice user friendly checkout process.

Analytics & Reporting

Benefit from in-depth business, marketing, web, and technical analysis in an integrated commerce environment.

Web Content Management

Create attractive multimedia worlds and customer-friendly information portals across all touchpoints.

Multiple Payment Options

Integrate secure payment options for all business models, applications and target groups.


Control your shipping options for all touchpoints, business models, and customer groups and minimise your shipping costs.

International Commerce

Support multiple languages, currencies, payment methods, and tax domains for all regions and sales territories.

B2B Commerce

Use our extended B2B functionality to meet the unique requirements of the complex structures and procurement systems found in B2B commerce.

Promotion Engine

Create personalized promotions and campaigns quickly and easily with the revolutionary Intershop Promotion Engine.

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