The Top Five Tips for Increasing Click-Through Rates in Emails

Responsive Design

It’s no secret that email marketing campaigns can help you increase the traffic and conversion rates of your website. However, this can only happen if the people who receive your marketing actually click on the hyperlinks in your email. The following five tips will help you create email marketing that results in increased click-through rates.

# 1 – Make Sure the Emails You Send Get Opened

Delivering the email is only the first step in a marketing campaign. The key is to increase the number of recipients that actually open them. The following are the most important ways to make this happen:

  • Educate Your Opt-Ins – Make sure to let your opt-ins know what they are signing up for, including the information they will receive and how often they will receive emails. While this may result in some declining to sign up, the ones that do will be more likely to open the emails.
  • Don’t be Sneaky – Make sure to include either your company’s name, your name or both so that recipients know who the email is from.
  • Subject Lines are Important – Create subject lines that garner interest, and keep them at 50 characters or less to make sure they are completely visible in most subject lines.
  • So are the Pre-Headers – Pre-headers are the copy that is visible right below or beside the subject line. Make sure to use engaging text that doesn’t directly tell recipients to visit the website – it should make them want to do so.

# 2 – Mobile Proof Your Emails

Current statistics show that more than comes from mobile devices, and the numbers continue to grow. Add to this the fact that statistics also show that are opened with a mobile device, and it becomes clear that you need to make sure that your website and your emails are optimized for mobile users. You can do this by making sure to use templates for your emails that use a responsive design. Parajumpers Denali Jacket Dam This means that the email will automatically adjust to the orientation or screen size of the mobile device. You also need to make sure that your links are large enough and spaced out enough for clicking with a fingertip.

# 3 – Use a Single Call to Action

You should create one call to action to use in your emails to make sure that recipients don’t get confused. Your call to action should be based on the specific goal of your email. If your email is explaining the benefits of scheduling an appointment, your call to action needs to be something involving scheduling an appointment, not visiting the website.

A good CTA will tell the reader where it will take him or her, why he or she needs to do so, and exactly what he or she needs to do. These can include:

  • Contact Us
  • Create an Account
  • Sign Up Here
  • Apply Now
  • And any others that apply

Do not use “Click Here” – The link makes it obvious that this is what the recipient needs to do.

# 4 – Make Your Emails Relevant to the Recipient

Your database is filled with useful information that can translate to increased click-throughs from your emails. This is called event-driven email marketing, and it takes the actions or interests of your recipients into consideration. These include:

  • Shopping carts that are “abandoned”
  • Personal interests
  • Previous purchases
  • Items that were not purchased

When the email is directed at something that is personally relevant, it will increase click-throughs.

# 5 – Measure Your Results

As you continue to Burberry Cashmere Scarf Sale improve your email campaigns, make sure you take the time to measure the results from the other email tips. Try using A/B tests and split-runs to develop the best times to send emails, and the best subject lines. The key is to continue trying and testing new strategies to see what provides the greatest numbers of email marketing click-throughs until you see the results you are hoping for.